1st Wrap CIVIL WAR - DIVIDED will be available for sale on our site.  Date and launch time to be announced.


We have (4) Abraham Lincoln autographs, and at least (2) of Robert E. Lee, JEB Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant and (10) William T. Sherman - not to mention the (150+) other key generals from both sides and important non-combatant figures. These names include (40) Frederick Douglass plus Ambrose Burnside, David Farragut, John Fremont, Irwin McDowell and (30) autographs of US Presidents that served in the Union Army.  

ONLY (800) boxes are being made. 
Every Regular Hobby box will have :
(2-3) autographs from individuals directly connected to the American Civil War - May also include War Date Soldier Letters to home
(14) Base cards (from the 100-card set) serial numbered to either # /61 (blue back) or # /65 (white back)
(1) Confederate Bounty Gray back card # /7 OR a 1/1 Red Backcard (all from the 100-card set)
  • There will be a Confederate Bounty for the # /7 cards of $2500 for the completed set
(1) Special Signature Series card (with the TOP names from both sides in the War) with a facsimile signature -  # /39 & #/1
(4-5) Insert cards including :
  • Vintage Civil War era coins (pennies, 2-cent pieces, half dimes, dimes, quarters and $1 gold pieces plus 1/1 Love Tokens (very rare)
  • Battlefield dirt relics from Gettysburg, Antietam and Fort Sumter
  • US Commemorative Postage Stamp cards plus authentic Confederate stamps
  • full size Minie Ball cards with the actual Minie ball inside 
Hobby Direct "First Wrap" Boxes 
Our Hobby Direct First Wrap boxes will have (3) differences from the regular Hobby boxes:
These will NOT contain any Confederate Bounty or Red Back cards BUT will have special Red, White and Blue back variant for the 100-card set with its own complete 100-card set bounty of $4000.
Hobby Direct "First Wrap" boxes are guaranteed have (3) autographs
Hobby Direct boxes will also contain the Signatures Series cards (20 card set) but these will be numbered to ONLY 5.

2019 Historic Autographs CIVIL WAR - DIVIDED




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