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The 2020 Historic Autographs CHAOS: Serial Killers, Disasters, Tragedies and Hope is a controversial yet highly collectible series of trading cards. The some of the subject matter may be considered controversial but HA is issuing a series of trading cards that focuses on natural disasters, tragedies, notorious figures and serial killers. The series will also include those that have made our world a much better place including healers, forensic scientists and lawmen. The series is not meant to offend anyone, only educate; and parental guidance is suggested as some of the written material is shocking. The market for such a series is small and not for everyone, so we are releasing this product on our website and through a few select distributors.
The set will contain (110) base cards with (16) SSP cards rounding out a 126-card set. The base cards will come unnumbered and also as limited edition cards. The SSP cards (#111-126) will only come as limited edition cards. Each pack will include (8) base cards, (1) limited edition card and one "autograph chase" letter card. Limited Edition cards come # /99, # /49, # /12 & # /1. 
Every pack will have (1) Autograph Chase Program letter card.
Collect ALL the letters from a name below and received an autographed item of THAT person. You must have the letters listed below - so for FDR, you need just the F.  & D. and all the letters in Roosevelt, but for Clara Barton, you need to spell the entire name. The highlighted letter in each name is the SCARCE and numbered version. Get that letter and the name should be easy to complete.
CLARA BARTON (1 available)
F. D. ROOSEVELT (2 available)
J. EDGAR HOOVER (3 available)
JONAS SALK (4 available)
JAMES WATSON (5 available)
Once you have collected all the letters to complete the name, send them to:
Historic Autographs
1 Ebelhare Road
   Suite A
Pottstown, PA  19465
Historic Autographs is offering a HUGE bounty for a complete set of the cards # /12 - the entire 126-set is needed to claim the $10,000 bounty. Collect all (126) cards in the set and send it to Historic Autographs and you will get your set back with a $10,000 reward for collecting the set. 

2020 Historic Autographs - CHAOS (Box)

SKU: 644216138944

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