The 2020 Historic Autographs CHAOS: Serial Killers, Disasters, Tragedies and Hope is a controversial yet highly collectible series of trading cards. The some of the subject matter may be considered controversial but HA is issuing a series of trading cards that focuses on natural disasters, tragedies, notorious figures and serial killers. The series will also include those that have made our world a much better place including healers, forensic scientists and lawmen. The series is not meant to offend anyone, only educate; and parental guidance is suggested as some of the written material is shocking. The market for such a series is small and not for everyone, so we are releasing this product on our website and through a few select distributors.
The set will contain (110) base cards with (16) SSP cards rounding out a 126-card set. The base cards will come unnumbered and also as limited edition cards. The SSP cards (#111-126) will only come as limited edition cards. Each pack will include (8) base cards, (1) limited edition card and one "autograph chase" letter card. Limited Edition cards come # /99, # /49, # /12 & # /1. 
Every pack will have (1) Autograph Chase Program letter card.
Collect ALL the let