2020 Historic Autographs POTUS, the First 36 Premium Box HOBBY DIRECT ***


Each HOBBY DIRECT Premium box will contain:

- (1) Autographed item that features a signature of one of the first 36 United States Presidents

    - Every President is represented AT LEAST THREE TIMES within the Premium boxes

    - There are dual autograph cut cards; each featuring one of the First 36 Presidents alongside

      more modern POTUS

    - No more than (25) of any version will be produced

    - Presidents may have more than (25) autographs within the product but limited to (25) or less

      in a single category

    - the (3) versions are Full LOA, HA Cut card or HA Duals

 - (2) DIFFERENT 2020 HA Historic DNA Hair cards that contains a strand of authentic hair from

     one of 12 different POTUS

- (2) 2020 HA US Coin cards that feature a precious metal US coin

    minted during the term of the President featured on the card

   - Precious Metal coins are all numbered (some as few as #/5 up to #/35) exclusive to the


   - There is a unique Precious Metal coin #1/1 card for each of the 36 Presidents

   - Coins include gold coins, silver quarters, silver dimes and silver half-dimes

- (1) Rare 2020 HA Famous Quotes laser etched POTUS card that are exclusive to the Premium

   box (all cards #/10 or #1/1)

- (1) 2020 Historic Autographs POTUS, the First 36 complete 126-card  Factory set (all #/499 on

   premium 36pt Stock)

- (6) Retail Blaster Boxes

- A complete checklist with all cards pictured along with quantities for the 2020 HA POTUS, the

   First 36 in a 44-page booklet     


***Hobby Direct boxes are part of the original 375 Box run.  These boxes contain (1) additional               Historic DNA Hair Relic(Relics will be of different Presidents) and (6) 2020 POTUS the First 36           Retail Blaster Boxes


2020 Historic Autographs - POTUS The First 36 - HOBBY DIRECT PREMIUM EDITION