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The MLB Playoffs are upon us and Historic Autographs is running out Ink'ed Threads Fall Edition and it is chock full of great baseball signed jerseys - as well as stars and HOFers from the NBA, NFL, and NHL. Our Ink'd Threads boxes are always priced well enough to move quickly and breakers can't seem to get enough of them but this time HA has added a small wrinkle. Every Ink'd Threads box will come with TWO unopened packs from Historic Autographs wax pack products. The packs will have the same pull rates as the hobby boxes and may include autographs, relics, high-end inserts, and our very popular Historic DNA Hair cards. Autographed HOFer jerseys are our standard 1:2 boxes, so every other box will have a HOFer signed jersey.

2023 HA Ink'd Threads - Fall Edition - (1) Signed Jersey per box


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