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Authenticity and Provenance of the hair and relics used in our products.

Abraham Lincoln


A substantial lock of Lincoln's hair from the collection of renowned Lincoln expert Frederick Meserve, certified by Charles Hamilton: "There is no doubt that this is the authentic hair of Abraham Lincoln"

Hair from this piece was used in Prime and Civil War; some remains for future products.

William Penn


2.5". A long lock of approximately two dozen strands of brownish hair belonging to William Penn. It is wrapped in a leaf of early eighteenth-century paper with a note which reads in part: "Thos. Mal: Granville Penn from L: Darthey - a Lock of their Grand Fathers William Penn's hair." A more recent pencil annotation to the page claims it was passed down through the Penn-Gaskell family line.''

Hair from this piece was used in Prime and Famous Americans; some remains for future products.

Thomas Jefferson


Portrait Miniature attributed to Robert Field, containing the hair of Thomas Jefferson and a mystery second party.

This item came with a Certificate from John Reznikoff, owner of University Archives, and Guinness World Record hair collection, a premier authenticator for both major 3rd party authentication services, PSA and JSA (James Spence Authentications), as well as numerous auction houses.

Hair from this piece was used in Prime, Famous Americans, and Founding Fathers; some remains for future products.

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