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Historic Autographs Rebranding Press Release 


For nearly thirteen years Historic Autographs has provided collectors with the opportunity to own pieces of history. We have enjoyed educating our collectors and followers on the many triumphs of the past, as well as the setbacks. Connecting people to history is not just a business to us, it is our passion. It warms our hearts to see collectors enjoy our products. We do not make products based on modern trends; it is not about striking while the iron is hot to make a quick buck. It is about helping people learn about the world that came before them while simultaneously getting value. History is not just what we love, it is what we do. 

In 2015, we released our first historical trading card product, Civil War: Appomattox. Due to the success of this product and subsequent customer demand, we have shifted our focus to making more historically-based trading cards.  The trading cards we release are unique to the industry and frequently include autographs, relics, contests, reward opportunities and many other unique surprises. No other company provides the same themes, information or outlook on history. Some of our recent trading card releases include Chaos, Famous Americans, POTUS and 1945. Our products scheduled for upcoming release include the Mob Series 2, the Washington Chronicles, and Gilded Age. With our new focus on historical trading cards, we are able to reach more people and educate them on pivotal moments in history. Fans of our signature products such as Originals and Kings need not worry as we will continue to produce our popular cut signature products along with our history-based trading cards. 

Historic Autographs has been and always will be a collector-driven company. We strive to provide all our customers with products that will retain their value. We devote a large portion of time in structuring our releases to ensure the best value to price ratio. We keep our customers and our followers’ interests in mind with every decision we make about our products. We encourage our customers to reach out to us with any comments both positive or negative.  We take all comments into consideration as we move forward with future products. We are excited for where we are going as a company and look forward to releasing our new historical products, we hope you will enjoy collecting them! 

Meet our Team, our Artists, and follow us below to see what we have in store for you!

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