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Historic Autographs Forum Terms of Service

Please read these rules and guidelines before posting/using the forums. Please email us if you have any questions.


  1. Play nice.  The world is very reactionary and inflamed right now; let’s try to be civil and excellent to one another.

  2. Any member trying to accumulate or collect email addresses for their own bulk email purposes will be banned. This includes any creative attempt or act promoted as something positive on the message boards.

  3. If you feel a post is inappropriate, please report it by emailing

  4. No referrals or self-promotion of any kind are allowed on the forum unless specifically approved by HA in advance. This includes posting referral or affiliate links, or asking members to sign up under you for something. No promoting blogs and/or any other websites. 

  5. If you are harassed or threatened by another member, please contact

  6. Post about what you will, but avoid confrontational topics. Trolling and flaming will not be tolerated. Opinions are fine but personal attacks are not, this includes comments about Historic Autographs. Keep posts respectable. Avoid drama at all costs.

  7. Do not post your e-mail address on the forum. There is no legitimate reason for you to need to do so.

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