2021 Originals, Triple Folder

triple folder packaging 02.jpg

2021 Historic Autographs Originals, Triple Folders were created with the T202 Hassan Triple Folders in mind. There are two different versions of the 2021 HA Originals, Triple Folders - a dual autograph with dual cards and a quad T-series card. The dual autograph cards will contain two vintage tobacco cards from the popular T205, T206 or T207 series along with two 

autographs matching the players on the cards. The quad card will contain four vintage tobacco from the T205, T206 or T207 series. Of the (900) boxes, the rate of pull for the dual autograph and card version will come in 48% of the boxes while the quad card will be in 52% of the run.

Originals TripleFolder Auto sample card.jpg
Quad Card Sample.jpg
Folded Card Sample transparent background copy.png
Triple Folder Checklist.jpg