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Contains 20 Hobby Boxes described below:


Introducing Historic Autograph’s 2021 Famous Americans


As our country continuously changes, the way we look back at the men and women who helped build this great nation also changes. Historic Autographs Famous American cards make some famous people new again and reintroduce once-famous Americans, including people who may have been overlooked or undervalued because of their race, gender or ideas. Our Famous Americans list is vast with 330 cards in the set (the last 110 cards are all SSP), so we include something for every collector!


The autographs available in our 2021 HA Famous Americans are strong with a wonderfully diverse selection of names including some very BIG HITS!!

Neil Armstrong

Amelia Earhart

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Washington Irving

Jane Addams

and many more!


Garment Cards

Each of the relic cards feature a piece of fabric or shoes that was personally worn by the individual designated on the card. The shoe relics and pocket square cards are hand-numbered. ODDS: 1 per 80 packs


Movie Clip Cards

Our Movie clip subset combines nostalgia and collectibility. Each card is serial numbered on the reverse and features the name of the movie and actors portrayed in the scene. The 35mm film used in this relic set was culled from reels by HA. ODDS: 1 per 10 packs


Art Trading Cards

Historic Autographs has commissioned several artists to create unique interpretations of influential Americans, both past and present. These superb 1/1 art sketch cards were predominately drawn by Ryan “RJ” Duske, Crystal Haring and Connie Kreuzer. ODDS: 1 per 640 packs.


Employee’s Pick Cards

We polled our employees to discover an American who inspires each of them and who they believe makes this country amazing. Each employee has “picked” their inspirational American based on their personal insight. The lenticular cards feature a motion view between two images. ODDS: 1 per 80 packs


Historic Autographs will continue to create Historic DNA Cards utilizing hair that has impeccable provenance and has been well-documented. Most of the upcoming hair relics will highlight famous people but in our Famous Americans Series 1 We have used hair from two of the most famous American thoroughbred horses, Secretariat and Riva Ridge. Rounding out the Historic DNA is a fine selection of hair from former United States Presidents. OVERALL ODDS: 1 per 104


All Parallel Cards

• Base cards and Super Short Print Cards -- 1:20 packs

• Printing Plates (each is 1/1) -- 1:97 packs

• Aurora parallel -- cards 1:10 packs

• Alloy parallel cards --2:3 packs




The 2021 Historic Autograph and Card Company Famous Americans Hobby Box includes (20) 10-card packs. Hobby Case includes 20 Hobby Boxes

2021 Famous Americans Hobby 20-box Case


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