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Gilded Age cards feature hundreds of topics including people, events, concepts, and art. Each base card has a captivating photograph or illustration with a descriptive history on the back. Trading cards are a fun way to learn: you can start with any card and learn randomly or reorder them by date, topic, or subject. The 330-card base set includes Robber Barons, Railroads, Monopolies, Industrialization, Yellow Journalism, Immigration, the Titanic, the Gold Rush, and Manifest Destiny, with cards #221-330 being super short printed (SSP). 


Inserts :: 

  • Vintage buyback cards with Old Judge, Allen & Ginter, T205, T206 and T207 (many with rare backs)
  • Autograph cuts with a superior checklist including Ty Cobb, John D. Rockefeller, Jenny Lind, Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Jacob Riis, Vanderbilt family members, Queen Victoria, Horace Greely, Phineas T. Barnum and Presidents Cleveland, Hoover, Taft, and McKinley
  • SS Atlantic Shipwreck relic card (yes, an actual item from the famous shipwreck
  • Historic Autographs DNA hair cards including Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, Geronimo, Walt Whitman, Robert Louis Stevenson and others
  • 5th Ave Then-and-Now mansion lenticular cards
  • 1/1 art sketch cards
  • 1/1 Printing Plates
  • Vintage fabric & button cards
  • Victorian Pin-up cards (Hobby ONLY)
  • Portrait artwork cards (Retail ONLY)



NEW 21st pack in every box !!!


For those who love beautifully designed, lower serial-numbered foil cards, these packs are for you. Every pack includes 5 cards with every one numbered 32 or less. These packs will also have a special insert and corresponding autographs. Moving forward, every 20-pack hobby and every 20-box retail box will include a special 21st pack that will include extremely limited, colorful parallels and special inserts unique to the hobby or retail versions.

2022 Historic Autographs Gilded Age 20-pack Retail box


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