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Historic Autographs has created, using our overrun cards and inserts from previous products, a retrospective look at many of the wonderfully fun products that were released over the previous 7 years.

Included are cards from the following Historic Autographs products: 2015 HA Civil War Appomattox, 2016 HA the Mob, 2018 HA POTUS, 2019 HA 1969, 2020 HA CHAOS, 2020 HA POTUS, the First 36, 2021 HA Famous Americans, 2022 HA Washington Chronicles, and 2022 HA Gilded Age.

Each pack will contain 10 cards. Relics and insert cards average 1:6 packs. Some of the packs will include "product specific" packs, including Gilded Age, Washington Chronicles, 1945: End of the War, FLIGHT and 1918:End of the Great War.


LOOK FOR PARALLEL HOT PACKS!!!! These packs will have multiple serial-numbered parallels - including the very beautiful AURORA parallels.

2023 HA Retrospective Volume 1 (12-pack) box


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