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2023 HA Flight box contains (12) 8-card packs. Relics/Insert cards average 1:11 packs.


We have always been fascinated by flight: birds, planes, rockets, drones. We have always reached for the stars.  Learn about how we fly.  Our Flight cards will take you from the 15th Century, with Leonardo da Vinci’s designs for gliders and helicopters, to de Rozier’s balloons, Zeppelins, WWI and WWII airplanes, rockets, the Space Race, and private space flight.

Did you know?

    •    Amelia Earhart’s last whereabouts are now being investigated by Dr. Robert Ballard, famous for locating the Titanic. 

    •    Astronauts on Apollo 13 could not have survived without their roll of duct tape.

    •    Both the North and the South used Balloons for reconnaissance during the Civil War.

    •    Space Tourism allows you to go to the furthest destinations on your next vacation.

Collect HACC’s Flight cards to learn more and to hold actual relics from our trips through the skies.

2023 Historic Autographs Flight box


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