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This bundle is sure to be a HIT!!!


You will receive:

Collection of all 4 signed MOB girl pin-up preview photos for our 2023 The Mob product!

2016 THE MOB set

three (3) Historic Autographs Historic Chocolate Bars (Sweet Ashley's fine handmade chocolate and a hand-enhanced replica T206 tobacco-style 1/1 baseball card of a prominent Hall of Fame baseball player) Perfect for stuffing any stocking!


10 stickers from our 2023 The Mob 2 product. One (1) will comes in each 21st pack of 2023 The Mob 2 - so getting (10) at once is a winfall.  



There are 30 stickers in total. If you purchase 2 bundles you will get 2 different sticker sets, if you purchase 3 bundles you will get all 3 sets of stickers!!


The retail value of this bundle is over $85, and it is all yours for only $49.99! 

Historic Autographs MOB Bundle


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